Benign and Prevalent: These cysts are noncancerous and usually remain asymptomatic. They affect at least 20% of adults and can vary in size from a few millimeters to 5 centimeters in diameter.

Pain and Infection: Pain or tenderness is uncommon unless inflammation, damage, or infection occurs, which can happen if the cyst ruptures.

Skin Cyst Treatment and Removal: Here’s a comprehensive look at managing skin cysts, including when and how to remove them.

When Removal Is Necessary: While most skin cysts require no intervention, removal may be considered if they cause discomfort or are located in problematic areas.

The Removal Procedure: The medical process of removing a skin cyst involves several steps, including anesthesia administration and surgical techniques.

Dealing with Infections: In cases of infection, additional measures may be necessary, but removing an actively inflamed cyst is typically discouraged.

The Medical Approach: What to expect during cyst removal at a doctor’s office, from the use of local anesthesia to surgical instruments and potential antibiotic treatment for ruptured cysts.